B r i d g e       C r e e k       E d i t i n g


Looking to turn a manuscript into a book? It’s an alchemical process, full of rules, tools, and techniques. Science, craft, faith. Magic.

Editing—it transforms a manuscript into something more purely itself.

The rest of this site is currently being rewritten. And dammit, folks, I'm an editor, not a writer. So it might take me a while. In the meantime, look me up at these online locations:

– The Northwest Independent Editors Guild’s member directory.
– Copyediting.com’s “Interview with an Editor” Q&A series.
– On Twitter, @KyraFreestar.

I also encourage you to contact me to discuss your particular editorial desires. I am currently scheduling novel edits two to four months out. Please ask me:

– For a sample edit, to see what you’re waiting for.
– How to schedule editing if you’re not sure when your manuscript will be ready.
– For names of editors, proofreaders, or print or e-book designers I can happily recommend.

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e-mail: kyra@bridgecreekediting.com
telephone: (206) 300-2601